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Every day thousands of people get to the deadline of their exhaustion that is caused by a lack of sleeping. Insomnia may totally ruin your life, making you tired and weak. Enough sleeping is also necessary to keep staying healthy, otherwise you breakdown the immune system and start being under the risk of getting very serious diseases and disorders. In the cases when soft hypnotic pills will be useless, doctors prescribe some more serious drugs; that is the main reason why thousands of people buy Ambien as one of the most often prescribed one. Nowadays you may also get such drugs using online trading that will not require any prescriptions.

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What it Effects

Under some different circumstances, there we may get the imbalance of special chemicals in the brains that are responsible for the processes of `shutting down` and staying asleep. Insomnia appears when the balance of these chemicals is broken.

When you buy ambien online, you shoud to know the pills of Ambien have a double effect that is achieved by the structure of double layers. The first layer is of extremely fast absorption and helps exactly at the moment of falling asleep. The effect of a second layer is slowed down and guarantees at least 7-8 hours of sleeping.

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Some Useful Tips

Being quite a strong medicine, Ambien may become the reason of a number of serious side effects. This is the reason why it can be bought only with a prescription. To get the prescription you should consult your personal doctor and only after all necessary health tests and studying of a medical history he will give it to you and decide the safe dosage.

CSA Schedule says that Ambien belongs to the 4th class which means that there is some risk of getting abused, yet it is not extremely high. Correct dosages will make everything right.

There are no specific researches about Ambien`s influence on a fetus and a child during breast feeding and period of pregnancy. You should inform your doctor about being pregnant and just planning to become pregnant as well.

You are not recommended to take the medicine if there is no at least 8 hours to sleep. The pill has to be taken whole without chewing and crushing. For better absorption and convenient swallowing you have to take a glass of water.

Side Effects and Their Types

To avoid side effects one should always study the list of rules added to the pills or act due to the prescription if you have one. Any increasing of dosages and improper taking leads to serious unwanted effects.

Some side effects are more and others are less serious and severe, yet all of them require paying some special attention and professional consultation about the treating course. The most common side effects are: dizziness, tiredness, loss of coordination, throat and nose irritation, wrong heartbeat, chest pain, etc.

The worst thing that may happen to you is an allergic reaction to Zolpidem. It has the following symptoms: fainting, light headedness, hard breathing and even falling into coma.

Patient should ask for an immediate emergency help at the very slightest symptoms, otherwise there is even a risk of fatal ending.


First of all one should remember that Ambien is not allowed for children and its sedative effect is much stronger for older patients.

You have to give a full medical history to your doctor so that he could see if you don`t have any:

  • • problems and disorders of kidneys and liver;
  • • long periods of depressions and suicidal mod;
  • • alcohol and drug addictions;
  • • asthma, bronchitis or any other diseases of lungs and breathing disorders.

It is not studied how the cure effects during pregnancy and breast feeding periods, yet it is better always to inform you doctor about being in these states and he will decide how to minimize the risks for fetus and a child.

Where It is the Best to Store

As all other drugs, Ambien is afraid of moisture, light and high temperatures. Such conditions make it become spoiled quickly. But there is also a very important detail, Ambien is also afraid of low temperatures and cannot be frozen in a refrigerator.

The place has to be difficult to be reached by children.

Main Forms

Ambien is always made in a form of oral pills. There are only two types of pills of original drug. These are white and orange pills of oval shape. They contain 5 and 10mg of Zolpidem, the number is shown on the imprint.

Where is it Better to Buy?

In case that you have a prescription it is better to go to the nearest drug store and buy it there. But if you don`t have time for visiting the doctor and ready to risk with self-treatment you may visit one of the online stores. Such type of trading becomes more popular from year to year. The processes of registration and buying itself became really fast and convenient. The delivery in the borders of the country usually takes only a few days.

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